So, the world’s gone to shit

I haven’t been good at keeping this up.

I always roll my eyes when an Instagrammer or Youtuber is contrite about not posting enough. I don’t quite feel that way–my life is pretty usual, I don’t have a ton to share all the time. I don’t post a lot on facebook or instagram, those places just exist for people tagging me in memes about cheese. Like a lighthearted intervention of sorts.

But now it’s different.

I’m still not a huge fan of those places, but I feel compelled to participate. If I don’t, I’ll be completely cut-off and I don’t want to be. For future me reading this, you’re through a month-and-a-half of working from home (except the last two weeks). There’s a global pandemic and things are bad enough that everything is cancelled, no gatherings, no events, no game nights, no birthdays, no big dinners. Turns out you really liked those things, they made you step out of the work version of yourself at regular intervals.

Now that version’s around all the time, and it’s exhausting. I want to channel some of that “Type A”-ness into something productive while I have the time from not commuting. I know it’s probably counterproductive to try to do something constructive in this anxiety-ridden time, and a lot of people are trying to not put these additional pressures on themselves.  But I really want to make the most of it and find solace in bettering myself by pursuing a my hobbies a little more seriously. The only problem is that that I have too many.

One of the few benefits of having worked a shift schedule in recent years was that, as I incrementally moved closer to the norm of Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, I was able to progressively add hobbies into my rotation. This meant adding back singing, then some powerlifting. Eventually, I joined a band with some people from work (I can’t decide if this is cool or not), and took up sewing a bit less than a year ago.

I’m all over the place.

I want to get better, but also identify which things are truly peaceful for my mind to be able to treat myself better.

So, I’m going to get better at them (It’s a jack of all trades situation over here):

  • sewing (I want to be able to swear off buying new clothes, to alter second-hand or create bespoke ones for myself)
  • learning acoustic guitar
  • recording myself singing and editing the files
  • fitness (more indoor stuff with the bike trainer)
  • photography (this one really fell off the wayside for me)

I’ll try to post more to update future me on how things went.  Think of past me when you read this–hopefully things are different for you then.